Commercial Rooftop

We help commercial building owners

Alectric Renewables helps commercial building owners in Ireland improve their bottom line and become more energy self-sufficient through the use of on-site solar energy generation.

Building owners can consume solar energy generated on site ‘behind the meter’ and reduce their dependence on electricity from the national grid.

This has two benefits.

Building owners can achieve an excellent return on their investments, lowering their long-term cost of operations. Solar energy generation acts as a hedge on future electricity price increases, which are coming.

Second, when commercial buildings draw power from their own solar generation plants, demand on Ireland’s national grid is reduced. This allows capacity for new, centralized renewable generation plants to come online. Eventually, most of the electricity we consume from the grid will come from renewables. But to achieve this, on-site generation is also required.

Alectric Renewables is putting is accumulated experience to work to help ensure Ireland is always green.