Energy Metering and Monitoring

It’s far easier to identify electricity cost savings when you can see your electricity costs.

That’s why Alectric Renewables provides Power Radar’s wireless CTs running on Centrica’s energy monitoring platform.

Building owners can monitor the electricity consumption of each circuit, and use that data to identify areas for improvement, as well as for fault detection.

We also use this system to monitor all of our solar and Smart Cool installations, so you can see exactly what your system is producing or saving.

How it works
Wireless, self-powered sensors
By clamping on the outgoing electrical wire from the circuit breaker, the non-invasive sensors harvest the magnetic field as a power source for monitoring the flow of electricity and sending information wirelessly in real-time. No maintenance is ever required on the self powered sensors.
Deployed to deliver real-time data
Hundreds of sensors can be installed in a few hours. Transmitting data wirelessly through the bridge, they deliver energy information every 10 seconds to PowerRadar, the solution’s cloud-based analytics platform.
Aggregated and analyzed in an easy to use dashboard
PowerRadar provides users with a powerful interface to monitor, measure, report, and understand electrical energy consumption from the site level to an individual device level. Insight into energy usage enables users to optimize operations, processes and maintenance resources.