Solar Net Metering + Smart Cool Technology

A Superior Investment

Solar net metering can generate a return of + 25%.

Tax savings combine with electricity cost savings.

Capital costs for a solar PV system can be written off in a single tax year. A solar PV system generates electricity savings for decades.

Here’s how it works.

A net-metered solar photovoltaic system produces electricity which you consume in your business.

We use the electricity grid as a ‘battery’ to store energy when you produce more solar electricity than you consume.

Because solar power is now cheap, and because electricity from the grid is now expensive, solar net metering is now an exciting investment opportunity.

Commercial building owners can achieve superior returns by combining net metered solar with Smart Cool technology. This technology reduces the electricity consumption of rooftop air handling units.

Alectric’s unique solution – Solar PV + Smart Cool takes maximum advantage of a suite of opportunities:

  • a change to the CRA tax code which allows the capital costs of a solar energy system to be written off against taxable income 100% during the first year
  • the savings generated by the solar PV system
  • the savings produced by Smart Cool technology

Both solar PV and Smart Cool lower your electricity consumption from the grid during peak consumption hours when electricity rates are highest.

This generates maximum savings.